We have always honored the traditions of hard work, honesty, and doing the right thing. These traditions helped our company grow since 1998, and they are foundational to us still today.

Our History

PHILLIPS was created with a truck, a dream, and a 6th grade prediction to one day enrich lives through the green industry. 15 years later, in 1998, that eleven year old boy’s prediction came true, and PHILLIPS launched in Englewood, Florida.


Business is about creating relationships, within the organization and outside, and having the integrity to be committed to the job, to the customer, and to each other -   in any weather


Quality service, intimate relationships, and placing the customer at the center of our business ensures that our ever-changing scope will always retain a customer-centric focus, and those whom we serve will know for sure they can count on us.


To be at our absolute best we must encourage and embrace a spirit of innovation and improvement in our effort to grow within our industry, for our customers, and along with Mother Nature.


Whether preparing a bid, performing work, or presenting ourselves to the public, professionalism is paramount to how we are viewed in the community and how we represent the people we work for and with.

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